PHOENIX HOMES FOR SALE Buyer Benefits On Seller Financing

There are many benefits to a buyer  using a seller carryback, owner carry , a no qualifying , or agreement for sale    in purchasing a home in todays TOUGH  scottsdale  phoenix arizona market .The  main  common theme  today is that with  millions of past homeowners   getting into  credit problems , mortgage problems , and late  on  anything , there  credit fico scores go way down.Thus a credit underwriter at the bank  will usally  kick them out ,  REJECT  there loan application for a new home loan . If you have a verifiable  employment  and have a good  down payment a skilled realtor  in owner creative financing can find and complete  your new home purchase , thus  you have a  tax writeoffs again, pride of ownership and a chance to re-establish your credit while the owner carry purchase contract is in effect . sellers are  happy ,they have  the mortgage being covered  by you, the buyers happy ,  he is in a home   with pride , in lieu of a apartment. It is another way to purchase a home in todays lack of financing arena ,its a  different home purchasing experience .