Can i buy a home with seller carry owner financing lease option with bad credit or short sale divorce ?

Buying a Home with Seller Financing OWNER CARRY LEASE OPTION WRAP AGREEMENTS RENT TO OWN guides you through buying a home with seller financing owner carry lease options wrap agreements rent to own ,if you’re like many homebuyers in today’s market, you are having a difficult time getting approved for bank financing. Even traditionally good borrowers are having a difficult time qualifying with todays tougher lending guidelines. That’s where Arizona Seller Financing comes in.Bad credit,divorce ,bankruptcy,short sale foreclosure spotty credit , do you need a seconf chance ?

We understand that banks are turning down many good home buyers. We take a common sense approach to qualifying you to buy. If you can show the ability to make the payments and have a reasonable down payment we will provide financing for you regardless of your credit score.

No Bank Qualifying means you are able to purchase homes listed on this website even if you are going through a short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, have late payments and collections or maybe just can’t verify your income. You don’t have to satisfy the demands of a traditional lender to buy a new home! and heres how the sellers look at SELLING THE HOME WITH SELLER FINANCING owner carry seller financing lease option rent to own Robert Highsmith realtor Realty One Group scottsdale arizona 480-250-8020

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