Force the banks to cramdown and reduce your loan principal balances.
Real Estate Agent Forces Banks to Reduce Loan Balances on Investment Properties Through Real Estate Cramdown Process
Robert Highsmith, a real estate agent in Scottsdale Arizona, had to force the bank and lenders to reduce loan principle balances through a real estate cramdown, when all attempts to do loan modifications had been exhausted.” Do not walk away from your investments”, says Robert Highsmith, do not foreclose, or short sale or waste time with a loan modification. Save your investment property through a real estate cramdown to reduce your loan balances, ‘you worked hard to buy your property, work hard to keep it.”

A real estate cramdown process may take over a year, and was able to force the banks and lenders to reduce loan balances creating a principal reduction of the loan so you could keep the investment properties with a crammed down new loan balance reflecting today’s current market values.

Robert Highsmith says “if you walk away from a investment property, or foreclose, or do a short sale, or wait months for a loan modification, you end up with nothing to show for your hard work, except bad credit, while with a forced loan principal reduction or cramdown, you still may get to keep your investment property, at today’s depression prices, and hold on to see a economic turnaround”.
If you have heard the stories from your family, friends, or co-workers about the nightmares that they have experienced with trying to work with their banks/lenders to try to save their homes. Maybe you have experienced it personally also. Your family, friends, co-workers, and maybe you have been lied to, have waited six months or more for a reply, or have just been put off trying to save your home, apartment and/or commercial investments while working with the banks.

I have actually lived through the bankers’ fake promises, the six months of waiting, the nightmares, the phone calls, and the waiting for replies.

However, my story is not unique, and I would like to help others with the information that I have researched, and was able to use to find a piece of mind in this crazy real estate market. I found the way to force the banks and mortgage companies to legally lower my principal balances on my own personal real estate investment properties. This process consists of 12 steps, and the process will take approximately a year. However, the rewards you may receive are amazing if you follow this program. For example, I have 12 rental properties which used to have absurdly high loan balances. I was able to legally negotiate terms to reduce these principal balances to today’s actual market value

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