How to do an effective open house where you have buyers coming in and your busy

I have seen many a good agent waste a day trying to do an open house without placing enough signs out to capture prospects. I use a minimum of 10 signs with bricks and rocks weighing down the bases of the sign,in order to secure it from the wind and oncoming auto traffic that whips up its own windtunnel effect when passing by it . How many of you get up from the chair, write a be back in 5 minutes CHECKING ON MY SIGNS note ,and lock the front door and place your note out front ? You may ask why ,and the answer is in many instances kids ride by and kick them over , the wind or elements push them over and yes even other agents steal them, turn them around and just plain screw with them. When your traffic or lack of traffic gets your attention ,hop in the car every 2 or 3 hours, take a 5 minute break and check your fishing lines, no signs no business .Ok to place your open house advertisement on craigslist days before you open and hang a sign ryder on your stand up post saying open house sat or sunday always helps,many a neighbor has a friend who wants to live in that neighborhood . scottsdale arizona 4800-250-8020 i love refferals

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